Pavlov’s Theme Tune

I had forgotten that it is a rarity with a new baby to get time with both hands. Most of my emails these days don’t feature the two-handed feat of capitilisation.

With all of this chair-bound, one-handed time, I have watched lots of re-runs of The Office (U.S), so much so that Quinn now stops crying when he hears the theme tune because it means that booby is coming. I have also watched the following three movies:

Another Year: I found Leigh’s recent film Happy-Go-Lucky annoying, it felt far too workshopped/drama school to me. Although I think that the flamenco scene makes it worth it. So I was a bit reticent about Another Year but I kept hearing good things and so I gave it a go. It is great; if you like character driven movies you’ll love it. It’s insightful and tender and the changing relationship dynamics are fascinating.

The Way Back: I read the book fairly recently and so I was looking forward to being one of those people who say “of course, the book is better.” Of course, the book is better. The film is pretty good but at nearly two hours it does feel a little like you are watching a group of people walk through many different types of scenery.

The thing I most liked about the book (oddly perhaps) was its downbeat ending which felt so true to me considering the horrific experiences Rawicz endured. He was free but he still had a lot to come to terms with. The end of the film was a little odd; they rushed the whole Himalayas part, then they had a slightly trite “we made it” moment in India and then it suddenly turned into a classroom history documentary pastiche about Communism’s fall and then there was a weird Stannah-stairlift cheesy old people being reunited bit. Eh? I wonder if, like me, Peter Weir suffers from the tendency to linger over beginnings and rush endings? THE END! There, done.

Date Night: was rubbish. Rubbish even though my expectations were no higher than “this film will be stupid but might raise a chuckle.” Plus, I am unable to compute action scenes for some reason and so I was totally confused. But that’s my issue. Date Night, it’s not you, it’s me…

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