1. Still drawing birds…

This week, one of my favourites. It seemed such a shame to draw a bluebird sans blue and so I traced it with pens. I would really like to try it with watercolours though, I think that would be optimum.

2. Still drawing knots…

3. Trying out porcelaine 150 pens…

I like them! They can be a bit gloopy and so I would advise having some paper next to you for wiping any rushes of ink. Once they have been oven cooked, I have found that you can scour the pattern off if very vigorous but they seem to be holding up fine with general use and normal washing up. I haven’t put them in my dishwasher because my dishwasher is broken at the moment, sighsighsighsighsigh. But no! I must not go down that road or I will expel all my air and turn into a raisin-mother.

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  1. lynn stoney

    I love your plates Han.

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