More Than Animals – The New Stoney Album

My mister is just an incredible songwriter. Believe me. It’s not even bias.

I’ve watched him work on this collection of songs for years now and these last few have been pretty epic for us. High highs and low lows. Brutal and beautiful. And there have always been these songs and they are very much of this time. They are deep, true, raw, sinking and soaring. This man has something to say and by gum does he say it well.

And it’s time to get this album out! Nope, scrap that. It’s way past time. But… here we go!

Stoney has launched a Pledge campaign to get this thing done. You can pre-order the album or be part of the journey in a bigger way by becoming an incentivised investor.

That’s where I come in. I am working on some paper-cuts inspired by his lyrics. Each piece is an original illustration and a one-off and is available as part of the Pledge incentives.

First-up, this swan, inspired by a line from the song Defiantly Loved. More to come shortly.

The river rolls on with a grace upon its shame. A faithful white swan, loyal to its poisoned veins.

2 responses to “More Than Animals – The New Stoney Album”

  1. Kerstin

    Your art is amazing…both yours and his!

  2. shayla

    He’s lucky to have you on his team, Hannah! Beautiful.

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