And Called It Macaroni

Ah, my feather! This piece took so long to create that I felt that it deserved its own special blog-mention.

It is 32″ long and was illustrated and paper-cut by hand into a roll of Ikea kids’ art roll.

I liked the idea of the whole story of the bird’s life being contained in the feather of a wing and so I included images evocative of forests, rivers, trees, gardens and sky.

I drew inspiration from Mucha’s beautiful botanical imagery and bordered drawings and I also wanted to create a lacy, delicate effect, within the strong, graphic shape of the feather itself.

Anyhow, here it is, done and dusted. I took it to be professionally scanned and so it is also available in the form of a print, a tee, and even an iPhone/iPad case! Wonders will never cease.

I’ve already got my next piece brewing in my mind. It’s all getting very woodlandy around here these days….

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