These Things…

Wherefore Art Thou Running?

I’m trying to get back into running again but it is not my natural inclination and I need incentives.

I was trying to think of something that I always wish for but never end up buying and I decided that for every ten runs I do, I am going to treat myself to an art print. (The ten runs being quantitive not qualitative — because in my case going for a run at all is something to be celebrated and gasped at, no matter how walk-punctuated and wheezy it is.)

Laurie Hastings is definitely on my illustrator-love list. Just look at this beauty:

And this piece she did is so evocative. I swear I’ve been in this pub– been in this moment even:

I’ll be adding to my wishlist here over the next few weeks. There are important decisions to be made, I am about to become a collector.

Trick or Fleet?

In other news, we had fun trick or treating today. Our neighbourhood was munificently magnificent and really put a lot of effort into making a lot of kids very happy indeed. They even did a flash-mob Thriller dance in the street! I love the thought of all of those rehearsals!

Here we are, on our way. I’m Fantastic Mr. Fox and my kids are a pirate and Rambo (last minute costume desperation anyone? “Quick, draw some black marks on his face!”).

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