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I have been missing blogging about things other than my work and so I thought I’d make a weekly slot to share some other bits and bobs and perhaps even, some thoughts.

Imagine that.

Marvel at:

Helen Stratton (1867 – 1961).

I’m sure that like me, you will have seen these images before sometime, somewhere. But isn’t it nice to put a name to the visual legacy?

Oh the lines. I want to spend long afternoons playing with ink and thick paper.


I love it when my kids are all the way in:


I’m enjoying this travelogue. Mr. Jacobson is droll, irreverent and astute in just about the right measures, making for an enjoyable read. I’m also really valuing such an on-foot view of the land and the people.

Other than Neighbours and Home and Away (the good ol’ days!) I really had no sense of the internals of Australia as it were. What it means to be northern or from the west or south. I didn’t know the range of complexities in the relationship between the aborigines and the newer population.

I enjoy that sense of getting to know a land’s deeper layers. I remember that feeling in America, when I started to grasp the unspoken meanings in things– for instance what it means that R.E.M come from Georgia or Nirvana from Washington. What it means to drive a subaru or a mini-van.

I love these gems. I love learning that in Australia, northern people are tough and a bit wild; that politicians are expected to be out and about with the people; that Uluru/Ayre’s rock is much more spectacular than you’d expect and that there is an impulse amongst retired white people to traverse the land.

Anyhow, I’m enjoying it. I like those Australians and that Jacobson.

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