This: Getting Fresh

This week my little boy told me that I am The Most Sporty Woman in the World.

Now, I’ve been called many things but never that.

I’m totally rubbish at sports. I am not sporty. I just do a lot of exercise because I am blessed with bountiful obesity genes and I am avoiding becoming depressed during a somewhat hairy season of my life.

That said, I love the simplicity of the way that kids encounter people and make their judgments.

Unlike me, he doesn’t hold the history of the kid who was always picked last for teams in PE. He doesn’t know that the ridiculous way I run is a fond, perennial joke amongst those who love me. He just sees that I run and thinks therefore, I’m sporty.

The immediacy of children lacks wisdom but it also lacks baggage and there’s something entirely hopeful about the fact that to a child at least, you can reinvent yourself every day — like new mercies.

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  1. suzanne

    You’re an epic bad*ss, Hannah! (This, in the parlance of my bootcamp world).

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