Studiologue: Grafting & Drafting


I have not yet, perfected the art of balancing. But I will. I’ve been moving and working and dropping balls and not here very much at all.

I have started a very pleasant little day job with the National Trust to take some of the financial pressure off. Lovely place, lovely people (and lots of artists!).

It means I can grow my art business with a bit more consideration and intention — it’s hard to do that when your back is against the wall.


I always really appreciate Austin Kleon’s (author of Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work) pragmatic wisdom on the subject of balancing your passion with your day job. This post HERE sums it up nicely.

I agree with him, I feel like this is giving me more space not less.

Well, it will once I get my juggling down.


I have been working on this new piece for my collection. The design incorporates Russian folk flowers and a firebird.


The firebird appears many times in Russian folklore, often the object of a quest, prompted by the discovery of a single, glowing feather. The firebird would appear to those in need of hope.




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