Studiologue: New Stu-stu-dio

For the last ten months or so my studio has been the end of my parents’ dining room table. Every day I tetrised my way through piles and boxes to get to what I needed and then tried to pack up all my stuff into the most tidy-tiny configuration that I could possibly manage. My folks were hugely accommodating considering! Oh how we laughed as we climbed over one another. HOW WE LAUGHED!


Needless to say I am VERY happy to introduce my new studio (my parents are happier still). I’m delighted with it. It’s my first studio space with a door and my first work table that isn’t also a dining table. Amazing.


2 responses to “Studiologue: New Stu-stu-dio”

  1. lynn stoney

    Delighted for you Han! XX Congratulations and lots of love xx

  2. Shayla

    Hallelujah! It looks so crisp and inviting.

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