Catching Up

I have had a few days off in a row this week and I was excited about catching up.

I still feel woefully behind on everything but I seem to have felt that way for oh, about two years now. I’m starting to wonder if “catching up” is a rubbish and capricious goal.

Perhaps being “behind” is my bedfellow in this current season and I should just spoon and be happy.

So anyway — that’s a weirdo introduction to a couple of pieces I’m catching you up with from the last couple of months or so.

This is a logo-come-wall-art piece for the wonderful Hazel Hughes Photography. She wanted to include the Manchester worker bee and I delightedly obliged.



The second is a house portrait. It is close to my heart because it is the little house I squashed into with my kids and parents for the last few months. This was a gift for them to thank them for taking me in.

sparrowsmeadprint copy

The Stuff of Life

This is a little project I’m working on, a kind of poetic document of the things that make up home. It’s also for practise.

I thought I’d start off nice and simply, with ridiculously tricky patterned objects. You can see why I need the practise but nevertheless, I do love the wonky charm of first tries.




Cameras a go-go

Had some sharpie fun this week drawing a new camera logo for a new year of my 100 Days of Summer photo-a-day project. Weekly updates from the group will be appearing here for your delight.


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