100 Days of Summer 2016: Week 14

I never knew my Great Grandfather but I’ve heard that he was a lovely man. I read a letter of his recently which moved me so much, he was describing his morning walks by the Thames in Kingston and he described all of these simple but beautiful moments and how they made him feel.

His favourite song was Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World. I am not going to apologise for how sentimental this sounds (the world can be far too clever for its own good sometimes) but it has been going around my head as I have flicked through this week’s photos. Whatever happens, there is always so much beauty.

Ashlee Symington The End:
ashleesymington the end

Benjamin Stoney Unreal:

Chris Arnold Slow:
chris arnold slow

Corri Laniado Miss:

Dennis Simpson Unreal:

Ellie Clewlow Green:

Hannah Stoney Green:

Heather McCarthy Mystery:

Jayne Jones Miss:
jayne jones miss

Jennifer Blake Slow:
jennifer blake slow

Laura Hudson End:

Lynda Sterling Unreal:
lynda sterling unreal

Megan Every Mystery:

Molly Taylor The Song was Wordless; the Singing Will Never be Done:

Nou Laniado Want:

Sarah Brown Green:
sarah brown green

Susie Heritage Green:
susieheritage green

Suzanna Grant Unreal:
suzanna grant unreal

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  1. Derek

    Love is simple and life is beautiful also. Thanks for these reminders.

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