100 Days of Summer 2017: Week One

So, we begin again — our fifth year.

This project (for those who don’t know) is a photo-a-day project, each day’s photo being inspired by a word/phrase prompt.

Here is a selection from this week. I love it! The cleverness, the beauty, the slices-of-life, the different geographies, the growing children, the shared historical moments (a couple of photos from Portland and Manchester are included below) the different approaches, the humour (some SERIOUS pigs testicles on display one day!) and as a particpant, the constant challenge to see and see.

It’s going to be a good summer, I can tell.

Benjamin Stoney CHEEK
benjamin stoney cheek

Charys Elmer STILL
charys elmer still

David Hill TOWN
dave hill town

Elinor Hughes RED
elinor hughes red

Emma Foster TOWN
emma foster town

Emma L’pton RED
Emma L'pton red

Gemma Campbell SIGN
Gemma Campbell sign

Hazel Gale RUN
hazel gale run

Hazel Hughes RED
hazel hughes red

Huw Davies STILL
huw davies still

Jami Hurt RUN
jami hurt run

Jennifer Blake SIGN
jennifer blake sign

Kirsteen Williams RUN
kirsteen williams run

Laura Hudson CHEEK
laura hudson cheek

Mark Cockshutt RUN
mark cockshutt run

Megan Every TOWN
megan every town

Molly Taylor TOWN
molly taylor town

Neil Bee Rown RED
neil bee rown red

Stephie Hope SIGN
stephie hope sign

Suzanna Grant CHEEK
suzanna grant cheek

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