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Some December

I have fallen in love with my new (to me) Canon Rebel DSLR camera.

Here are some of my favourite photos from this month. Well, this is one category — I have returned to England for the first time in five years and I have many other photos of precious moments and people but the ones featured here are picked purely for their composition or their little mysteries.


Studiologue: On a Commission Mission

I went all out on commissions this week and I’m excited to say that I am very, very almost there with the Islington illustrated map that I’ve been working on for a couple of months now.

Hopefully I will be getting it all scanned by specialists in the next few days and whilst the original wings its way to the lovely commissioners, maybe sometime soon I will have a print version sorted.

I’ve really enjoyed drawing buildings recently. So much so that next year I want to try to do an illustrated map of Austin (where I currently reside).

In other news, I have been commissioned to do some shadow-puppet and silhouette set work by a local theatre company.

The play features Indonesia a lot and my brief was to come up with a mother and baby themed shadow puppet with reference to Indonesian shadow puppets (like this one).

One of mine is more overt than the other. Can you guess which one? Ha.

These Things

Easy peasy this week, an aural-visual treat:


Busy bee, busy bee — drawing Islington and getting products ready for Cherrywood Art Fair.

I had to go to Ikea to get frames and of course, I ended up buying all sorts of nonsense. Neck pillows! Don’t mind if I do. Glove puppets? Why, of course.



New, small, framed paper-cuts

Fill me up:

Anti-blindness measures:

These Things…

Wherefore Art Thou Running?

I’m trying to get back into running again but it is not my natural inclination and I need incentives.

I was trying to think of something that I always wish for but never end up buying and I decided that for every ten runs I do, I am going to treat myself to an art print. (The ten runs being quantitive not qualitative — because in my case going for a run at all is something to be celebrated and gasped at, no matter how walk-punctuated and wheezy it is.)

Laurie Hastings is definitely on my illustrator-love list. Just look at this beauty:

And this piece she did is so evocative. I swear I’ve been in this pub– been in this moment even:

I’ll be adding to my wishlist here over the next few weeks. There are important decisions to be made, I am about to become a collector.

Trick or Fleet?

In other news, we had fun trick or treating today. Our neighbourhood was munificently magnificent and really put a lot of effort into making a lot of kids very happy indeed. They even did a flash-mob Thriller dance in the street! I love the thought of all of those rehearsals!

Here we are, on our way. I’m Fantastic Mr. Fox and my kids are a pirate and Rambo (last minute costume desperation anyone? “Quick, draw some black marks on his face!”).