The Fall Fair that I curated took place on Sunday. It was not as Fall-en as I’d hoped, more like just barely tetering toward cooler at 101 degrees. I wore soft green in an attempt to chivvy the season along. It did not work. Never mind the heat though, even that could not distract from […]

A taste of things to come

Don’t go forgetting now. Sunday, 11th September at Caffe Medici, Guadalupe Street, Austin. Details here.

Fall Fair

I am orchestrating another collision of craft and coffee. On 11th September, Caffe Medici will be filled with the Etsy pop-up shops of some of the boldest-rarest-brilliant local artists and vintage collectors. Drink and see beautiful things– come and join us. (Not an accurate representation of fall in Austin but a pining, wishful one. Sniff.)

May Day: Happy Day

May Day went swimmingly, thanks to the brilliance of the vendors, the generosity of our hosts Caffe Medici and of course, everyone who came out. Thank you!

Getting ready for May Day

I’m really looking forward to the Art, Craft & Vintage Fair on Sunday and have been busy in all sorts of ways getting ready for it (printing and postering, cutting, framing, emailing, press-releasing, measuring…). We now have 17 vendors taking part. 17 fantastic vendors. I am a picky curator which means that it takes a […]

May Day: Art, Craft & Vintage Fair

I am delighted to invite you to this event which I am busy curating and crafting for. If you are in Austin that day, do come by, it’s going to be special and hand-touched. 15 Etsy pop-up stores featuring hand-selected local sellers with only the most wonderful wares to sell. Brilliant, quirky, and damn fine […]

Spring Fair

Here’s a picture of the Spring Fair that took place this week. The goods were delicious, the people were delightful and fingers crossed, there will be more to come soon.

Spring Fair: meet the vendors

Song: Fat Sam’s Grand Slam by Paul Williams from the Bugsy Malone soundtrack. Wednesday 16th March, 10am – 5pm Caffe Medici, 2222B Guadalupe Street, Austin, Texas, 78705. Arts, Craft and Vintage Fair featuring the work of 15 local artists, crafters and vintage fashionistas hand-picked from Etsy. There will be accessories, jewelry, paper goods, homewares, kid’s […]

Pencil it in! Embroider it on your t-shirt! Tattoo it on your face!

I’m busy organising an Art, Craft & Vintage Spring Fair. It’s happening during SXSW and so if you’re in town for that, come and find some Austin treasure. There are wonderful local artists, crafters and vintage-fashionistas taking part and as for the coffee… well, it’s *the* best in Austin and boy, are they picky about […]

Currently showing at JP’s Java…

I have started curating the art shows at a local coffee house called JP’s Java. I’m very pleased that this month and next month Shaylind Standing is showing her work: