Bad Asos

Did I say 100? I meant 88.

I am throwing in the towel, giving up the ghost, letting myself off the hook, abandoning ship. Those last twelve days have defeated me. How nice of ASOS to provide a hideous ensemble to see me off.        

The Wild of Words: Day 83/100

Bad Asos t-shirt slogans:

The Wild of Words: Day 71/100

Day 70 disappeared, what can I say? For day 71, here is some more bad Asos:

The Wild of Words: Day 63/100

The gift that keeps on giving; terrible Asos t-shirt slogans.

The Wild of Words: Day 62/100

Nick Cave’s handwritten dictionary, 1984. I love this! This is what I do on index cards. Nick Cave’s is so much more rock and roll, I’m definitely going to try to make mine look more public-toilet-punk.

The Wild of Words: Day 10/100

A short montage of embarrassingly bad t-shirt slogans from ASOS. Eurgh, I can’t even look at them.

Four Thinks…

Think One: Riding the Heights of Quotidian Love One of my favourite memories from my childhood was when my mum took me off on my own at the seaside and trawled the shoreline with me to look for the treasures the mermaids had left us. It shines so vividly in my memory. It struck me […]