200 Books

Super Old Chick-Lit?

{Part of the 200 Books Project} I wonder how Austen’s work would be perceived or categorised if she were a writer now? I have just finished Persuasion. I liked it well enough but not in a particularly deep way — it’s a fun romp featuring a few characters and a sea of caricatures. I can […]


Next up for the CaffĂ© Medici Book Club:   Next up for the 200 Books Project:   Furthermore, just a reminder that my friend Amy and I are undertaking to read a selection of 200 Books from the literary canon in chronological order. You can read and/or follow along online here. Next up is Moll […]

200 Books Project – Robinson Crusoe

My friend Amy and I are reading 200 books from the (much disputed) literary canon in chronological order. It’s a project that ebbs and flows but always pootles on somehow. I just posted a blog about Robinson Crusoe and if you’re interested, you can read it here.