More Than Animals – The New Stoney Album

My mister is just an incredible songwriter. Believe me. It’s not even bias. I’ve watched him work on this collection of songs for years now and these last few have been pretty epic for us. High highs and low lows. Brutal and beautiful. And there have always been these songs and they are very much […]

200 Books Project – Robinson Crusoe

My friend Amy and I are reading 200 books from the (much disputed) literary canon in chronological order. It’s a project that ebbs and flows but always pootles on somehow. I just posted a blog about Robinson Crusoe and if you’re interested, you can read it here.

May Day: Art, Craft & Vintage Fair

I am delighted to invite you to this event which I am busy curating and crafting for. If you are in Austin that day, do come by, it’s going to be special and hand-touched. 15 Etsy pop-up stores featuring hand-selected local sellers with only the most wonderful wares to sell. Brilliant, quirky, and damn fine […]

Why Hannah, you’ve never been so animated.

I did the illustration for Stephanie Press Vintage and along came Andy Dollerson and made it into an animation and graced it with a composition. He’s a clever stick that Andy.

Spring Fair

Here’s a picture of the Spring Fair that took place this week. The goods were delicious, the people were delightful and fingers crossed, there will be more to come soon.

Pencil it in! Embroider it on your t-shirt! Tattoo it on your face!

I’m busy organising an Art, Craft & Vintage Spring Fair. It’s happening during SXSW and so if you’re in town for that, come and find some Austin treasure. There are wonderful local artists, crafters and vintage-fashionistas taking part and as for the coffee… well, it’s *the* best in Austin and boy, are they picky about […]

Stoney & Stoney

My husband is about to go on tour and release an EP. Us Stoneys are working our socks off: [Song: A Minha Menina by The Bees]

The Soar Before bird – limited edition archival prints available now.

The bird that I illustrated for Stoney’s forthcoming The Soar Before E.P. is available for just a few more days on his Pledge page. All prints will be signed and numbered on the back by myself and Stoney and sent in a protective sleeve in a hard-backed envelope. They will measure approx. 8″ X 10″.

On A Park Bench, Number Eight

Starring Steve Cowley & Stoney did something wonderful with the sound recording.