My Filmic Forays

Off We Go A-Sailing

I made my two, lovely little boys a gift today– a shadowbox illustration for their bedroom wall. It was a good, good day. But alas, not for much longer; Bang gets to choose a movie for us to watch together on a Saturday night and he chose this [Give. Me. Strength.]:

What Karate Kid Did

What April Did

Beautiful People

My pal Shayla and her sparkling daughter, Ruby are in the new Explosions in the Sky video. The production team got genuine photos from 1952 and then recreated the scenes to play out the moments just before and after the picture was snapped. Great concept and artfully executed; their careful attention to detail really pays […]

Take A Good Look


These Days

Sometimes It’s All You Need

Fallen Walking

This afternoon, I walked into the beautiful light and made a wee video:

On A Park Bench, Number Ten

Song: Curly Teeth by Micachu.