On A Park Bench

On A Park Bench, Number Ten

Song: Curly Teeth by Micachu.

On A Park Bench, Number Nine

Alison Vaclav owns three coffee shops and is the mother of three children and one who will be with us very soon. She understands what things mean and is teaching her children to be great semioticians. The song featured was recorded by Mark Stoney back when he was a teenager in an attic with a […]

On A Park Bench, Number Eight

Starring Steve Cowley campamericamusic.com & Stoney did something wonderful with the sound recording.

On A Park Bench, Number Seven

Kerstin Hack and Hannah Stoney read Rilke in the original German and the translated English. kerstinhack.de thethinks.com * The English translation taken from “Rilke’s Book of Hours: Love Poems to God” translated by Anita Barrows and Joanna Macy.

On A Park Bench, Number Six

Kerstin Hack is an author, speaker, life coach and publisher from Berlin. In this five minute seminar, Kerstin shares her insights about how the creation story can give us clues about balancing our lives and so that we can work productively and have time for creativity, relationships, rest and joy. You can find out more […]

On A Park Bench, Number Five.

Cameron Burr www.motorboatmovies.com

On A Park Bench, Number Four

Five minutes with Michael. www.caffemedici.com.     Music by Stoney.

Birthday loveliness.

On A Park Bench, Number Three

Andy Dollerson playing My Funny Valentine. [this is part of my ongoing project. You can read about it on this website here. Or, to see all the videos, visit my On A Park Bench site. I update it weekly.]

On A Park Bench, Number Two: Han Stoney & poem

This week, it’s cicada song. I’m also reading something in the background.