Some February

I’ve been trying to take it all in this month — commit to memory and heart these immanent and blessed moments, rich with honey. I’m thankful for February, even if it does have an errant ‘r’.

Some December

I have fallen in love with my new (to me) Canon Rebel DSLR camera. Here are some of my favourite photos from this month. Well, this is one category — I have returned to England for the first time in five years and I have many other photos of precious moments and people but the […]

Some April

Just a smattering of beautiful instances: Homework at the bar: Levi and one of his loves at Full English. [It passes the Brit test, by the way.] We found this in our lounge. We put it in a jar. A few weeks later, we opened it. It smelt of fish. Taking in the new: Conquered […]

Some January

Quinn and his special photo smile: At what point is something not new? Our local corner-store, lovely but definitely not “new”: We enjoyed celebrating King Julian’s birthday. [MLK day, that is.] Peace on the streets: Cheeky streets: 100 Dinosaurs: Robin was unavailable that day: Serious: Attempting to be less of a complete idiot: Attempting to […]

Some December

This is what December felt like. I chose photos that primarily captured the mood (and sometimes, nothing other than that!). Sometimes the “wrong” photos are the truest.

Some November

I never did share some November with you. So here: Happy: Annabel, Quinn and I. I keep really getting to like people just as they leave town. Oh dear, I hope there is not a connection…people like it when you look at them through their windows right? What Oreo? Lots of people I love all […]

Some Beautifuls:

1. Slow-time Pen-Friendship. I sent my friend a real letter with some real drawings and some real poetry snippets and she sent me back a real letter, with real drawings and real, embroidered leaves. When I got her letter, it made me beam from the inside out. 2. The God of Small Things by Arundhati […]

Some October

Four families and a parking lot: Cud-chewing at the local: Fall gloaming: Colon the hapless box turtle who wandered into our yard and was offered cucumber he didn’t like, dunked in water and given an exceptionally tasteful new name by Levi: Did Kenneth ever answer that question?: Yarn it! Levi and I made spiders to […]

Some September…

I’ve been thinking a lot. Quinn is on the cusp of walking. We love our reading couch. Bang got a bed. It’s made us both very happy. & finally, jays in pen and lark in pencil.