Longer Thoughts

These Things

I have been missing blogging about things other than my work and so I thought I’d make a weekly slot to share some other bits and bobs and perhaps even, some thoughts. Imagine that. Marvel at: Helen Stratton (1867 – 1961). I’m sure that like me, you will have seen these images before sometime, somewhere. […]

The Susurrations of Murmurations

I’m nearing the end of The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkein (fact: his middle names are in honour of his piratical uncles) and I am enamoured by the way that birds have become part of the climactic drama– listening, flocking and acting as messengers and heralds: Very great indeed was the commotion among all […]


I went to north Texas this week and it was deep-seepingingly precious, it means so much when good friends share their hearth with you. Winter was sharper up there and the light was different, oozing in for long moments from its horizon perch. It helps to find different light. And almost as if (or perhaps […]

A Thought About….127 Hours

I saw it last week and found it very moving. You know when the helicopter comes at the end? I think that is what death is going to feel like.

My SXSW: 2012

Not SXSW No, no, no– I wasn’t being aloof, or contrary. I was the dark half of the moon. People in the throes of SXSW need a Not SXSW. Our house was Not SXSW. People landed on our porch at different times for cups of tea and clean toilets before heading off for more furore. […]

My SXSW: 2011

2011: What SXSW? New things. Caffe Medici opened its downtown store, we were newly pregnant and newly car-ed. I ran my first little pop-up Etsy fair at Medici’s Guadalupe store. It was good fun but a little quiet. Everyone else was at SXSW.

My SXSW: 2010

2010: Breezy We invited Athlete to come and play our favourite coffee shop in return for spaghetti bolognese, proper British tea and showers. Seth and Bang played the porch one afternoon. We surfed the wave of people downtown. Good times with good people, this was possibly our favourite South-by.