These Things

الخيارات الثنائية بنجاح مئير يراز By on November 9, 2013

تداول الراجحي Easy peasy this week, an aural-visual treat:

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These Things…

الخيارات الثنائية البطاقة البيضاء By on October 31, 2013

السوق مباشر الاسهم Wherefore Art Thou Running? I’m trying to get back into running again but it is not my natural inclination and I need incentives. I was trying to think of something that I always wish for but never end up buying and I decided that for every ten runs I do, I am going to treat […]

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& Other Animals: Sarah Trumbauer, Paper-Cut Artist.

forex bank valutaväxling och banktjänster By on September 23, 2013

سعر الذهب السعودية اليوم الخميس 03 07 2014 I’m delighted to share this little interview that I did with one of my favourite paper-cut artists, Sarah Trumbauer. I think that she has a great eye for design and I really enjoy her work. I am sure you will too! 1. What do you do? I’m a papercut artist and illustrator, which means I […]

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& Other Animals: Fran Mickelborough of Sinclair Metalwork

فوريكس بيس آرمي By on August 12, 2013 اسهم بنك الرياض حلال I have known Fran for many years now and I love his approach to life which is is free-ranging and creative and yet marked by solid hard-work, excellence and integrity-filled, common-sense. He is eminently skilled and practical and when I first knew him, he dazzled me with his skills in renovation and his consistently beautiful […]

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& Other Animals: Kate Cooper

& Other Animals: Kate Cooper

استعراض أفضل الخيارات الثنائية إشارات By on August 5, 2013

valutahandel ing Kate Cooper is a Sheffield-based photographer. She’s an old friend and so initially, I began following her exploits out of curiosity but it quickly began to be a real treat whenever she uploaded her latest shoot to her blog. Her take is unique and delightful and her ability to capture the beauty of people or […]

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& Other Animals: Asher Awelan

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اسهم موانئ دبي العالمية Asher Awelan (or Aslan as I secretly like to call him) lives in North Wales and co-manages the wonderful Ymuno funk & folk festival that takes place each summer in those parts. 1. What do you do? Currently I’m working for a Danish software company as their senior software architect. It’s the sort of grandish […]

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& Other Animals: Britt of Bright Eyed Birdie

By on July 22, 2013

Continuing my & Other Animals series, in which I ask some wonderful creatives (and some creative-wonderfuls) a few questions. This week, the beautiful Britt from right here in Austin, whom I first met at one of the Handmade & Vintage fairs that I ran a couple of years ago. 1. What do you do? I […]

& Other Animals: Neil McSweeney

Introducing my new blog series & Other Animals in which I will pick the brains and point you in the direction of some wonderful creatives (and some creative-wonderfuls). I am delighted to begin with Neil McSweeney, one of my favourite songwriters. Neil is part of Sheffield’s trad-folk scene and writes songs that are full of […]

The Oh Hellos

So, I had a pretty special night this week. I went to a fifty-people-only gig in a Texas backyard to see some poetry and music. I was imagining something cottagey, cobbled and nooky when I made my way to the gig. But of course, that was just misplaced English imagination. Instead, the horizon was panoramic, […]

More Than Animals – The New Stoney Album

My mister is just an incredible songwriter. Believe me. It’s not even bias. I’ve watched him work on this collection of songs for years now and these last few have been pretty epic for us. High highs and low lows. Brutal and beautiful. And there have always been these songs and they are very much […]