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This: In a Week

I listened to this song oh, about fifty times last week. It’s so darkly poetic and beautiful. One of the clips I found had a little interview with it and he said he wrote it about these hills where he lives that hold a brutal history and it got me thinking about songs that are […]

Goodness: Paper Works by Gingko Press

Goodness: Paper Works by Gingko Press

I leafed through a copy of this in Berlin and would really recommend it for fans and practitioners of paper arts. Beautifully curated and a lovely tactile tome; it not only showcases the familiar faces of the paper-cutting world but also those who are really pushing the form. I found it totally inspiring. Find it […]

These Things

Easy peasy this week, an aural-visual treat:

These Things…

Wherefore Art Thou Running? I’m trying to get back into running again but it is not my natural inclination and I need incentives. I was trying to think of something that I always wish for but never end up buying and I decided that for every ten runs I do, I am going to treat […]

& Other Animals: Sarah Trumbauer, Paper-Cut Artist.

I’m delighted to share this little interview that I did with one of my favourite paper-cut artists, Sarah Trumbauer. I think that she has a great eye for design and I really enjoy her work. I am sure you will too! 1. What do you do? I’m a papercut artist and illustrator, which means I […]

& Other Animals: Fran Mickelborough of Sinclair Metalwork

I have known Fran for many years now and I love his approach to life which is is free-ranging and creative and yet marked by solid hard-work, excellence and integrity-filled, common-sense. He is eminently skilled and practical and when I first knew him, he dazzled me with his skills in renovation and his consistently beautiful […]

& Other Animals: Kate Cooper

& Other Animals: Kate Cooper

Kate Cooper is a Sheffield-based photographer. She’s an old friend and so initially, I began following her exploits out of curiosity but it quickly began to be a real treat whenever she uploaded her latest shoot to her blog. Her take is unique and delightful and her ability to capture the beauty of people or […]