Lexical Love

For the last couple of years, I have been intentionally and geekily expanding my vocabulary. Every time I come across a word that I either don’t know or half know (the rule is, if I don’t know it well enough to use it myself, it goes in the pile), I make it into an index […]

Finders, Keepers

Sitting on the step at the bathroom door, in shoeless heat, I write a poem about faraway snow. Quinn is Neptune in a bath full of plastic dinosaurs. He is roaring and administering Great Outpourings from his Great Plastic Beaker. The dinosaurs are helplessly washed this way and that in stricken groups, their faces frozen […]

Feeling for Snow

Land whumped by white, Silenced and ceased by the last word of snowfall. Swaddled like Lazarus, until finally Quieted. Embosomed in effulgent drefts, Made to lie down, ashen and dead and dressed as a bride.


I see, as I push him along, that the sidewalk unfolds itself in heuristic benevolence before him. Birds and trucks appear as weighty manifestations of the things shown to him in the books he devours (literally). Two birds, little theophanies, cross his path. Hop, hop, tweet, tweet, fly, fly. He shrieks with excitement at the […]

Gathering Words

I am going through some old notebooks and harvesting scraps of old poetry. Like this: Enormous heart that could crush pythons with its heavy solidity. It might become too onerous and weighty to stay standing much longer. You would need long feet like a clown and a strong stomach to carry such a thing.

The Wild of Words: Day 65/100

anomie | (also anomy) noun lack of the usual social or ethical standards in an individual or group.

The Wild of Words: Day 12/100

We climbed out of the car, at once celebrating the wind with king-of-the-world arms. We had chanced the high, flat plane and profited. We had found the only wind there was. We quickly colonised the shaded part of the sand and silently went about ploughing and overturning and disrupting until we became dust and children. […]

The Wild of Words: Day 5/100

Today I astounded myself by managing a tiny writing exercise. It is a shared moment, like a worded snapshot. Having written it, I know that I will treasure it in future seasons. It conveys more of our conversations, thoughts and rhythms than a photo or video ever could. I’ll definitely be writing more of these! […]

My Tuppence Worth

I was listening to the world news on the ol’ wireless yesterday. I have to concentrate so hard when I listen to the news, I find it really difficult to actually hear it. Drone drone drone summit drone politicians drone drone issues drone drone process drone. I realise that what’s being said is important, it […]